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Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

MBC Drama "my prinsess" comes to an End

MBC drama “My Princess” ended with a kiss scene of the ‘eye candy couple,’ Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee, on Thursday night.
The final episode of “My Princess,” which was aired on Feb. 24th, received a favorable viewer rating of 17.2% in the Seoul Metropolitan area and 15% nationwide. The drama had a happy ending, as Lee Seol successfully became a real princess by winning the votes and sharing a kiss with Hae Young, while the Jung Woo & Yoon Joo couple finally realized their love for each other.
The drama was popular largely because of Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon. Kim Tae Hee, who used to carry a reputation of a visually stunning yet poor acting actress, received positive comments from the critics for her improved acting skills in “My Princess.” Despite initial concerns over her acting skills, she was able to exceed the public’s expectation. While it was her first time acting in a romantic comedy, she showcased unforeseen acting skills through scenes involving SNSD’s “Hoot” dance, stomach ache acting, and her no-makeup face. She didn’t mind showing clumsy sides of herself such as being drunk, acting cute, or even falling in a water fountain. At the same time, in various heartbreaking scenes, she touched the hearts of many viewers through her natural acting. Her transformed and improved acting got the public to rediscover Kim Tae Hee as an actress with a wider range of acting.
Song Seung Heon also proved himself as a real Hallyu Star. Since his debut, he continued to present his sexy-tough image in various dramas and movies, but this was his first time to show off his charms in a romantic comedy. He showed various acting styles in “My Princess” by presenting funny lines with serious facial expressions and flashing his trademark smile as he falls in love with Lee Seol. And of course, aside from their acting skills, the ‘eye candy’ couple delighted the viewers with their incredibly good visual looks.
Thank you for all the laughter, smiles and tears every Wednesday and Thursday nights for the last couple months! We’ll miss you! ♥

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