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Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Hmm... "Anti SNSD" a Worldwide Trending Topic?

Hey SONEs, if you checked Twitter recently and were horrified to see "Anti SNSD" as one of the top worldwide trends, set your mind at ease!
  Although most K-Pop fans associate the term "anti-SNSD" with the group of people who inexplicably despise the nine girls who comprise one of the most popular Korean idol groups, it's most definitely not true that SNSD has suddenly gained a surge of haters!  In the context of the trending topic, "SNSD" apparently refers to "Si Nurdin Setan Dongo", which translates to "ANTI NURDIN HALID THE OLD MORON DEVIL".  It's in protest of the chairman of the Indonesian Soccer Association, Nurdin Halid, a convicted embezzler who refuses to step down from his position.  Hundreds of Indonesian soccer fans are demanding his resignation, claiming that he is not only corrupt, but an incompetent leader as well. 

It's unfortunate that the acronym SNSD was chosen for this situation, but hopefully the real SNSD fans will be understanding!  For now, just be happy to know that "Anti SNSD" does NOT necessarily equal anti-fans of the beloved Girls' Generation! 

source:> Twitter, Jakartapos

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